I am Anjali, I was a software engineer. At present, I balance my life between being a mom and books. I love reading and writing. I love everything to do with books. I am an Angel card reader as well, I love working with angels and spirit guides. My hobbies include reading, writing, travelling, yoga and dance.

Who am I ?


As the Persian poet Rumi says, “You are not a drop in the ocean, but an ocean in every drop. “
I am a spirit having a physical existence. Just as I was alive before my physical birth, I will be alive after my death, since what the Universe creates can never be uncreated.
In the physical world, I play a character, better known by my name. I play a variety of roles – a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and many more such roles, in the world, which I am a part of.
But what defines me is not really just my physical existence. What defines me is my soul, my character, my essence, the truth of my being. The entire universe resides in me. What defines me is my inner being and what I choose to stand for and what I choose to let go. What defines me is my broken dreams, how I respond to the struggles I go through and my ability to rise above my circumstances. People’s definition of me doesn’t matter, because that is their perception. It is me, who defines ME.
I am the culmination of the experiences I have gone through, the good and the bad. I am the result of my thoughts and my feelings. I am the by-product of the books I have read and the movies which have touched me. My words are the result of the education I have received from my teachers and my parents . I am the product of all the places I have travelled to and all the meaningful interactions and conversations, I have had with people who have touched me in a deep and positive way.
The bitter experiences served as lessons to grow from and the good experiences taught me to be grateful and appreciative of my blessings. Some left me broken and wounded and some left me startled by their revelations.
As quoted by Ernest Hemingway, ‘The world breaks everyone, and afterwards many are strong at the broken places’
Every setback, only made me stronger. I am not defined by my broken-ness, I am defined by my ability to respond to it.
As a student studying the ‘Course in Miracles’, I would say I use my physical body as a learning tool to deepen my spiritual faith.
As human beings, we live our life in two ways – by believing in our fears or by believing in ourselves, which is our inner truth, which is love.
We usually base our major life decisions on fears – the what ifs?
‘What if’, I land up lonely, propels us to enter into the wrong relationships.
“What if”, I don’t land up my dream job, makes us settle for a mediocre and a stable job, where we often spend most of our lives in.
The logical and ever-thinking mind makes all these decisions and these are all rooted in fear. It may not always be the right or the best choice.

We forget the truth from which we are born from, the power of love. We forget that we are God’s creations and the Universe is created with love, not in fear. The basic tendency of a tree is to grow towards the light, not to grow against it. It is our shadows, our fears, our self doubts which cripple us and have us leaning towards our dark sides, causing conflict and misery in our lives. But when we lean towards our light, our true selves, when we stop and listen to our inner voice, it never fails to guide us in the right direction. All we need to do is quiet the noise that surrounds us each day and listen to our hearts.
“Just as biologically we are programmed to be born, spiritually we are programmed to be happy” says Marianne Williamson.
We forget our spiritual nature, in the midst of the chaos and hence we end up always unhappy, seeking comfort in the materialistic and the physical world.
It is a less known fact that peacocks sometimes eat thorns, which is processed in their digestive systems in order to create their feathers which contributes to their extraordinary beauty. This is the case with humans as well. The trials which we are subjected to, which are difficult to be processed, are the lessons we need to learn from, in order to develop our inner potential. Nature has a strange way of repeating its lessons, time and again, until we finally learn our lessons. We need this in our life, in order to grow and reach our highest self, as God intended. We do not appreciate the light, unless we are subjected to the dark. It is the intention of the Universe to make us shine and reach our highest selves.
Yes, my spirit is like that of the tree that grows towards the light, like the peacock that sometimes needs to eat thorns in order to create its beautiful plumage, a caterpillar that tries to break free by making its wings strong.
I am a mix of all of this, but more importantly I am my unique self, someone who may stumble and fall, but never fails to rise, time and again.